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Everyone asks this question how the place is and when they heard Boracay – by simply browsing the net or via a travel book or they heard from a buddy through word of mouth. Boracay is an island situated in the Visayas region in Panay group of island. It is an island with its white beaches that are powdery. The island was home to the Ati tribe, the region’s people. Named Bura okay before it was at discovered at the 1970 s. The island became well-known with backpackers in the 1980 s. Boracay Island was a secret known only to a few who happen to stumble upon the staircase.

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As of the posting, there is no direct path from Manila to Caticlan Antique through the sea road, but there is a bus line at Cubao that services the road by land though it may take a longer time, perhaps a day to arrive there. Ride a boat that will take you. Or by sea and land, take a bus from Cubao to visit Batangas pier take a ferry to visit Roxas City in Mindoro. You may as well check the program of 2 major shipping lines, they sometimes have a road out of Manila to Caticlan, just Google NegrosNavigation and WGA Superferry for the schedule, they include the road especially throughout the summer out of April to late June.

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Given that you know just how to go to Boracay, let find your accommodation. Numerous accommodation types are scattered all over the island, which ranges from luxurious hotel types to spending budget, stripped to basic rooms. Visitors may also be based on the location cheaper lodgings are situated at station 3, while Station 2 is meant for them who want to be within proximity of the bars. Station 1, is where one may find the more isolated accommodations, offering peace and quiet. Hotels and resort have seasonal price level depending upon the time of your visit, the high season usually out of March to June.

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Peak season is also during Christmas till New Year, Holy Week and Chinese New Year. Numerous activities await you at Boracay Island either from day or night, on or off those gorgeous sandy beaches. With its four kilometers of fine white sand beach, have a walk and be mesmerized from the beauty of the White sand beach. The colorful beauty of marine life’s also perfect for snorkeling. Apart from snorkeling, there are a lot of Boracay water sports available on every beach in the staircase. Maybe unwind the mid-day under the shade of palm trees and relish the beauty of nature.


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