How To Send Documents Using WhatsApp


WhatsApp is a beneficial and intuitive messaging tool — however there’s no denying that a lot of its features are underused. Why? simple: Its customers are too busy utilizing its major services. have you ever used it for documentsharing? even though fantastically few people take benefit of it, it’s miles one of the most beneficial and easiestresponsibilities to master.

Sharing documents over WhatsApp can be carried out in four brief steps. once you’ve were given a handle on these steps, the whole technique shouldn’t take greater than 30 seconds. (note that those instructions are for sending doctors in theWhatsApp mobile app. in case you’re using the computer app, you may truely use the attachment button at the topproper of the display. It seems like a paper clip, similar to in most electronic mail programs.)

a way to send files the use of WhatsApp
1. Open or begin a conversation (regularly called a “chat”)
Open WhatsApp and pick one of your conversations. if you want to share a report with someone or group you have notpreviously communicated with on WhatsApp, first create a communique with them

2. faucet connect
For iPhones: If the keyboard is closed, the “+” icon is at the bottom left corner of the display screen. If the keyboard is open, the icon is right above it at the left aspect of the display screen. On Android, faucet the paperclip icon to connect a file.

3. From the menu, pick out “document”

as soon as you have decided on this selection, at the pinnacle of your screen, another menu will appear for you tochoose the document you need to ship.

four. choose the desired record to ship and choose send
after you’ve selected the file you need to send, click the “send” button. The file ought to shortly be despatched for yourdesired contact. Please note that relying in your net reception, larger files will take a longer time to ship.

With those 4 steps in mind, sharing documents over WhatsApp ought to be sincere and intuitive. want to message slides in your colleagues the night earlier than a presentation or send your feuding pals a scanned copy of the eating placeinvoice? you can do it speedy and effortlessly, without the inflexible and formal structure of electronic mail.


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