How To Use New Features on WhatsApp


WhatsApp is now supplying Android users its beta variations as a way to attempt out new capabilities before every bodyelse. with the intention to use this characteristic before, we needed to download the APK from outdoor Google Play, however subsequently, that’s all modified. Now we are able to join up to be WhatsApp Testers straight from Google Play. easy Peasy!

a way to turn out to be a WhatsApp tester:
To emerge as a WhatsApp tester, do the following:

1. click on in this hyperlink.

2. click on the “turn out to be A TESTER” button.

3. WhatsApp will now routinely update your device with the maximum latest beta model.

you can dispose of the beta at any time. truely move back to the first hyperlink above and click the “leave the program” hyperlink.

The benefits of becoming a tester:
with the aid of testing more moderen variations of WhatsApp, you’ll get an insight into a number of the new alternativesthat we will assume from the app in the destiny. those can be functions together with video call updates or new emoticons and many others. Of direction, understand that in case you deploy the beta model, your mobile may additionally freeze or restart itself at times (as cited in the phrases and conditions). this is simply normal, and not anything to fear about, and is the fee you pay for using a model that’s nonetheless in its testing levels.


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